If there is a company which consummately embodies the values of comfort, durability and functionality, it is Woolrich - the leading manufacturer of outdoor wear.

Woolrich is the story of John Rich and his brothers who, in 1830 in Pennsylvania, established a small wool mill where they made “extremely functional clothing”. Today Woolrich is a state-of-the-art wool factory turning out millions of yards of fabric every year.

Known the world over for its famous Parkajacket, this historic American company has responded to the very latest demands for outdoor wear with a series of casual, practical garments that are perfect for the new age of leisure wear.

Woolrich is nowadays offering collections consistent with its reference world, linked to the origins of sportswear and American outerwear. 

Between confirmations and novelties, the Woolrich style re-invents itself while remaining constantly faithful to the byword of Woolrich since 1830; comfort, warmth, strength, long-lastingness, simplicity and excellent materials. Thus, today even greater emphasis is placed on the appearance and the design capable of endless interpretations. 

Woolrich’s historical identity has developed closer to a younger and more metropolitan public. Alongside the classic garments of the collection, with the Arctic Parka in the forefront, there are new proposals: trendier, more different, but still a far cry from anything extreme.


Brand Manager & Sales Sweden

Carl Andrén
+46 (0)766 37 81 92

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Woolrich store
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114 46, Stockholm
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Woolrich store
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